Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beats And A Bape Info

So I wanna talk about beats and a bape. So that's what I'm gonna do

So far I have recorded my parts for 8 tracks, but 7 tracks are classified as done. Greenfiend should be hopping on that 8th track.

Haven't even fucked with the track list yet since I don't even plan out tracks. I just sit and wait for a new period in my little fucked up world to begin and then make music off of that. Whatever turns out good goes on the tape.

I got some ideas for the cover, but that's another thing I won't touch for a minute

Skits, intro and outro haven't been given much thought but still those are usually done later

The production on this should be all original except for Get Bodied which will be like an interlude where we have a cypher...I'll probably add in some shit for the mixtape me talking, etc. So far I got 1 prod by DJ Shynin(WHO I NEED TO THROW ON THE SIDE OF THE BLOG) on by Cwizz, and 5 by my boy JD/Mass Effekt. Soon to be 6 since I should be recording over one of his beats tonight. I wanna try to produce something for this one just like on my last tape as well.

And as for far I got Criss B, MDP, & Certifyde and should have Greenfeind soon. I wanna get Reverse, Melvin Burch, and Abstrakt in there somewhere too. Either way, this tape will be something crazy. If yall heard what I have sitting in itunes right now...damn yall would be wilding haha.

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