Friday, October 30, 2009

It's all Good

I've never lost a battle. And I will never lose a battle. The only way I "lost" a battle is when we had "judges" and it was a written battle where my opponent who "won" told me himself if I wasn't over people's heads with the speed in which I bodied him I would have won. Basically, I was too good. They wanted something simple. But on some Lupe shit, I won't dumb it down.

Also, thank God for the few good niggas out there who are willing to work with me, or atleast tell me you won't work with me. If you've ever worked with me or are going to in the near future, then there was no shots at you in the other post. Just clearing that up. Got some heat coming soon with an assortment of cats. Be on the look out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First, don't mind the pic. I just wanted to put a pic up. No shots at Mr. Boy...for now.


If I could change one thing about how MCs interact online, it would be collaborating. Niggas be like "Yo send it to me, I'll do it if I feel it" nigga atleast tell the dude if you don't feel his track n don't wanna get on. Don't just not reply. Unless you big time, reply to your fucking messages if you already held some semblance of a conversation with the a cat. I once straight up told a nigga, "if you don't feel it, just tell" and the nigga didn't reply when I sent the shit. This is hip-hop. We all got thick skin, thats how we survive in this game. A nigga aint gonna cry if you say you don't feel his shit. Real Talk. We have ALL been told way worse shit about our music. Damn. When will these dudes realize we're all doing the same thing, going for the same goal, and if we pool our resources and work like semi-civilized and intelligent beings, we can get more done. When will niggas know what I know?

It's whatever. I'm solo dolo for life.

Oh and don't take this as me hating on dudes who don't reply to messages. Just dudes who wanna quit replying rather than tell you how they feel.

Monday, October 26, 2009

This is my blog

Welcome everyone, to my blog. MY BLOG. Mine. Not one I'm sharing. If I really can follow through with this blogging thing, I'll be on here more than the perfect strangers blog which you can find listed on the side. Now, onto some real stuff.

I'm a big Charles Hamilton fan. No secret there. And I'm working on an EP/Mixtape/Whatever it turns out as. All I can say is Sci-Fi Channel which can be found on Deal With No Deal will be on there. And new version of Grounded For Life off The Life of ComPL3xX. Same lyrics, but it will be mixed much better. Oh, and the tape is me just spitting over Charles's beats. And speaking of DWND, I sent them a verse I did over the Ransom beat. it's the start of my "Body Niggas And Get Respect" campaign but it can't start till they POST THAT TRACK LMAO. It's cool though.

And back to that project I'm working on. Cameron The Hamilton is what I may call it. So far I can think of one cat I just gotta have on there. This dude Melvin. Click the question mark on the list of blogs and you'll find him. He's on some other shit. I'm trynna get in touch with him. And yeah. My other tape is in the works. That one is just songs that fit loosely together, no big concept like The Life of ComPL3xX. I decided to listen to what little fans I have around town for once. But I wanna do another story tape too. Maybe a Well Isn't This Awkward type of tape. But anyway, enough rambling