Friday, October 30, 2009

It's all Good

I've never lost a battle. And I will never lose a battle. The only way I "lost" a battle is when we had "judges" and it was a written battle where my opponent who "won" told me himself if I wasn't over people's heads with the speed in which I bodied him I would have won. Basically, I was too good. They wanted something simple. But on some Lupe shit, I won't dumb it down.

Also, thank God for the few good niggas out there who are willing to work with me, or atleast tell me you won't work with me. If you've ever worked with me or are going to in the near future, then there was no shots at you in the other post. Just clearing that up. Got some heat coming soon with an assortment of cats. Be on the look out.

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