Thursday, December 31, 2009

Slip N Slide Records

And a song

Shout out to DJ Hardrock

Monday, December 28, 2009


It's like a bucket of inspiration...

By The Way

We are now running at full capacity.

Enjoy this video

Embedding was disabled by the uploader, so just like go there. Kthnxbai

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Goodbye for now

My iPod broke. But I found a way to deal

My Beats By Dre broke, so I fell back on the Skull Candies

My laptop broke this morning, so now I'm stuck using this extremely slow desktop computer and I'm trying to call Dell(Not going so well) to get it fixed. It could be a while before I put out some new music.

The computer I'm stuck using doesn't even have sound and I may have lost "You're Not A Rapper", The Old Republic, and a few songs from Beats And A Bape. But I may be able to use my MP3 player to get all the songs back. I don't know how long it'll take for dell to fix my laptop, and at the moment it's unlikely that I'll record over break so may go insane, and it's also unlikely that The Old Republic and "You're Not A Rapper" will drop.

Beats And A Bape will drop...eventually.

So until my laptop works, you wont see or hear much of me online.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shout out to CrissB♪

Cuz this song is dope

Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm an angry, violent person with a short fuse. Not good. But anyway, Christmas break is coming. I'm getting a MIDI keyboard soon. But over break I plan to knock out three projects, maybe up to 5. I'm going hard. I can't wait. And I can't wait for new music from Melvin Burch, as well as working with him. I'm gonna work that out, somehow.

Anyway...what projects do I plan to finish?

Well in an older post I listed them as words to remember or something like that, but now theres been changes. One word was Versatile, which is now "You're Not A Rapper" and it's gonna be like No Ceilings/Enemy Of The State style. Me going over other peoples beats. 4 tracks done already.

Then I wanna finish Beats And A Bape, which only needs a few more tracks. And I'm waiting for MDP to do a verse for a track and may try to get Reverse on there too.

Then The Old Republic, which is what I'm calling the Star Wars based project. 2 tracks done and one is on a beat Melvin Burch made, it was on The Melvin Galaxy.

But anway...I'm out. Got work to do, etc.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Artists I'd Love To Work With

1. Charles Hamilton. 1 verse him, 1 verse me, 1 us trading bars like on Neh Neh Neh and both of us on the hook

2. Lady Gaga. I'd rap, she'd sing. Shit would be dope.

3. Lupe Fiasco. We'd drop some knowledge on yall. Some Food And Liquor type shit

4. B.o.B him playing his guitar and singing....crazy shit

5. XV. He's dope. Nuff said.

6. Seven aka XV's producer

7. Chris Martin. Lead singer for Coldplay.

8. Yoko Shimomura. Fucking amazing composer. Epic music, I tell you.

and yeah...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Awkward Moments 1

Awkward in Well Isn't This Awkward type subject matter

3 females

One that I've pretty much got in the bag but don't really want. She aint ugly, I just don't see it going anywhere

One that is confusing, to say the least

One that has a man

But fuck it, new music coming soon as usual.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Im Back

I was gone for a little minute. Glad to be home now. I was unable to post the EP while I was gone but my team of trusty minions(jk guys) took care of it. They did shit I couldn't have if I was the one sending it out and posting it.

It can be found at any of the following links

Also I'm thinking about throwing Criss B up there with the rest of my people as star wars characters lol. Its a thing of respect.

Also, tweet deck is acting lame so I'm using the actual site again.

Oh and Sci-Fi Channel Music Video tomorrow.

Anyway, terms to know:

The Old Republic
Beats And A Bape

Pic not related, its just the cover for Knights of The Old Republic #50

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm sitting here, watching a game and listening to beats while I wait for my game to start. Fun fact: NBA players train here. Also, my coach said some famous record producer is here. Weird shit.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Charles Hamilton Is Back...Really

Just like...go there and feel cool.

Also, I'm hitting LA next week so I'm trynna go see that billboard

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sonic Evolution

It's kinda hard not to notice how I evolved as an artist with my 3 mixtapes. This next tape isn't so much of an evolution, but more of refinement. With a bit of evolution. But anyway...I'll probably have another single from the tape when I figure out a release like...wait. Haha.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A list of goals

all youtube related.

Put Get Bodied on youtube

More "life of ComPL3xX" videos(Orlando & Cribs spoof)

Talk about Slip N Slide

Attempt another music video


Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh Wow

I spoke to soon, the site JUST took a shit on me as I posted that. smfh

I'm Hyped

The Funimation website works for me again. Now I can watch FMA: Brotherhood on there instead of finding random links around the net. Dope haha

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In case you aint notice

I threw the little homie Abstrakt up on the side. Check him out, support him, etc. STRANGERS!!! haha

Also, I finally got my hands both American Gangsta: Who Is Charles Hamilton? and American Gangasta 2.0 - Where Is Charles Hamilton?(A very appropriate title, I must say)

And 2.0 has a remix of one of my favorite CH songs, Here I Am off of Binge Vol. 1

And also, I wanna do like CH did and throw up pictures of Star Wars characters that represent my crew in these e-streets. Coming soon haha.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Concept Projects

I love projects with a concept. Especially stories. That's why I love that new S-preme tape. And Well Isn't This Awkward. And Cudi's album.

My EP is a concept one, though not a story. Though I've got a new story project in mind. I've always wanted to mix Star Wars and rap. That's what I tried with Space Cartel and this EP I got coming. This new one I'm writing is a short story though. Like 5 tracks, maybe more. But anyway, more on those later. First I'm dropping Path To The Dark-Side and I wanna work more on Beats And A Bape, though no word on when that or the story project will drop.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Is This I Don't Even

Banging[Prod. Mass Effekt]
Beats And A Bape[Prod. Mass Effekt]
ComPL3xX[Prod. Mass Effekt]
In The City[Prod. Mass Effekt]
Space Zone[Prod. Mass Effekt]
Time[Prod. C-Wizz]
For The People[Prod. Mass Effekt] Ft. Criss B
Musical Girl[Prod. DJ Shynin] Ft. Green Fiend
Get Bodied Ft. MDP & Certifyde

Cameron The Hamilton

First of, happy birthday to Charles Hamilton. Hopefully he comes back soon. And to show my appreciation for how much he has inspired me, I present Cameron The Hamilton. Enjoy it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beats And A Bape Info

So I wanna talk about beats and a bape. So that's what I'm gonna do

So far I have recorded my parts for 8 tracks, but 7 tracks are classified as done. Greenfiend should be hopping on that 8th track.

Haven't even fucked with the track list yet since I don't even plan out tracks. I just sit and wait for a new period in my little fucked up world to begin and then make music off of that. Whatever turns out good goes on the tape.

I got some ideas for the cover, but that's another thing I won't touch for a minute

Skits, intro and outro haven't been given much thought but still those are usually done later

The production on this should be all original except for Get Bodied which will be like an interlude where we have a cypher...I'll probably add in some shit for the mixtape me talking, etc. So far I got 1 prod by DJ Shynin(WHO I NEED TO THROW ON THE SIDE OF THE BLOG) on by Cwizz, and 5 by my boy JD/Mass Effekt. Soon to be 6 since I should be recording over one of his beats tonight. I wanna try to produce something for this one just like on my last tape as well.

And as for far I got Criss B, MDP, & Certifyde and should have Greenfeind soon. I wanna get Reverse, Melvin Burch, and Abstrakt in there somewhere too. Either way, this tape will be something crazy. If yall heard what I have sitting in itunes right now...damn yall would be wilding haha.

Support From A Stranger

"ComPl3xX knows I'm ridin' with him.
"Cameron the Hamilton" on November 10th.
"The Path to the Dark-Side" on November 29th.
Both the links will be here, as well as his blog and DWND."

From the boy MDP, who's blog you can find right there on the side. Perfect Strangers in here haha


Next time I see this nigga online ima tell him to quit looking like me. Also, notice my outfit.

Monday, November 2, 2009

So Um...

It has come to my attention that HchO is represented by Silver The Hedgehog, so I changed the cover. Jet The Hawk on this shit.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Remember, Remember all of November

Novembver 10th: The birthday of Charles Hamilton, I pay homage to him for inspiring me a helping me through hard times with the music he makes by making my own versions of his songs

November 29th: On The day I started on this path a year ago, we take a look at where I've been and where I'm going

And in between we have my 16th birthday on the 27th

Everyone Download This

Amazing music. That's all there is to say about it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

It's all Good

I've never lost a battle. And I will never lose a battle. The only way I "lost" a battle is when we had "judges" and it was a written battle where my opponent who "won" told me himself if I wasn't over people's heads with the speed in which I bodied him I would have won. Basically, I was too good. They wanted something simple. But on some Lupe shit, I won't dumb it down.

Also, thank God for the few good niggas out there who are willing to work with me, or atleast tell me you won't work with me. If you've ever worked with me or are going to in the near future, then there was no shots at you in the other post. Just clearing that up. Got some heat coming soon with an assortment of cats. Be on the look out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First, don't mind the pic. I just wanted to put a pic up. No shots at Mr. Boy...for now.


If I could change one thing about how MCs interact online, it would be collaborating. Niggas be like "Yo send it to me, I'll do it if I feel it" nigga atleast tell the dude if you don't feel his track n don't wanna get on. Don't just not reply. Unless you big time, reply to your fucking messages if you already held some semblance of a conversation with the a cat. I once straight up told a nigga, "if you don't feel it, just tell" and the nigga didn't reply when I sent the shit. This is hip-hop. We all got thick skin, thats how we survive in this game. A nigga aint gonna cry if you say you don't feel his shit. Real Talk. We have ALL been told way worse shit about our music. Damn. When will these dudes realize we're all doing the same thing, going for the same goal, and if we pool our resources and work like semi-civilized and intelligent beings, we can get more done. When will niggas know what I know?

It's whatever. I'm solo dolo for life.

Oh and don't take this as me hating on dudes who don't reply to messages. Just dudes who wanna quit replying rather than tell you how they feel.

Monday, October 26, 2009

This is my blog

Welcome everyone, to my blog. MY BLOG. Mine. Not one I'm sharing. If I really can follow through with this blogging thing, I'll be on here more than the perfect strangers blog which you can find listed on the side. Now, onto some real stuff.

I'm a big Charles Hamilton fan. No secret there. And I'm working on an EP/Mixtape/Whatever it turns out as. All I can say is Sci-Fi Channel which can be found on Deal With No Deal will be on there. And new version of Grounded For Life off The Life of ComPL3xX. Same lyrics, but it will be mixed much better. Oh, and the tape is me just spitting over Charles's beats. And speaking of DWND, I sent them a verse I did over the Ransom beat. it's the start of my "Body Niggas And Get Respect" campaign but it can't start till they POST THAT TRACK LMAO. It's cool though.

And back to that project I'm working on. Cameron The Hamilton is what I may call it. So far I can think of one cat I just gotta have on there. This dude Melvin. Click the question mark on the list of blogs and you'll find him. He's on some other shit. I'm trynna get in touch with him. And yeah. My other tape is in the works. That one is just songs that fit loosely together, no big concept like The Life of ComPL3xX. I decided to listen to what little fans I have around town for once. But I wanna do another story tape too. Maybe a Well Isn't This Awkward type of tape. But anyway, enough rambling