Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm an angry, violent person with a short fuse. Not good. But anyway, Christmas break is coming. I'm getting a MIDI keyboard soon. But over break I plan to knock out three projects, maybe up to 5. I'm going hard. I can't wait. And I can't wait for new music from Melvin Burch, as well as working with him. I'm gonna work that out, somehow.

Anyway...what projects do I plan to finish?

Well in an older post I listed them as words to remember or something like that, but now theres been changes. One word was Versatile, which is now "You're Not A Rapper" and it's gonna be like No Ceilings/Enemy Of The State style. Me going over other peoples beats. 4 tracks done already.

Then I wanna finish Beats And A Bape, which only needs a few more tracks. And I'm waiting for MDP to do a verse for a track and may try to get Reverse on there too.

Then The Old Republic, which is what I'm calling the Star Wars based project. 2 tracks done and one is on a beat Melvin Burch made, it was on The Melvin Galaxy.

But anway...I'm out. Got work to do, etc.

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