Wednesday, February 17, 2010


16, nothing more, nothing less
_______ is a whore and ______ gives a lot of neck
Hating on nigga cause the beats getting wrecked
I can smell ya stank pussy every time you take a step
Loose in the lips and that’s a double meaning
I’m going through the closet, bitch, spring cleaning
I don’t give a shit, but I can spit a bit
About both of yall…cuz I know yall
_, go back to the way you were before
Basically I’m saying you’re a fake ass whore
And ______…keep getting abortions…
I heard your pussy smells like straight horse shit
Here’s a statement that I like to live by
Women have values hoes suck dick to get by
So keep my name out ya mouth cuz aint dick
For me to Chris brown a how really aint shit

If I record it and put it out, someone is bound to find it...and I could catch heat for it...nothing I haven't dealt with before. Except I'm feeling that "Fuck It" feeling so I may actually leave the names in...heh

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