Thursday, January 28, 2010

I read in silence as they shout out loud

I see. I see a lot. Part of this game is being observative...but that's a lesson for latter...haha yall dont get that yet.

But anyway, why are people comparing me to melvin burch all the time? People saying he's better than me and I'm to simple and that he's way beyond my level. WHY are we being compared? Our music is nothing alike. Don't make a comparison until we do a song together. I like his music. And as far as I know he's never heard mine. And that's what it is for now.

On to the next one

If you ever see me in a shoutbox assume it's not me as of last week. I no longer fuck with those. I had a short run with those and now I quit. Some nigga impesonating me on people's blogs and trynna hype up some fake beef with me and Precyse or Prince or whatever.

I don't do no e-beef unless it's some real shit. Like someone who I give a shit about coming at me. Then maybe some e-beef.

On to the next one

Chaper 2. That is all.


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