Sunday, January 24, 2010

My 5 Favorite Charles Hamilton Projects

I can't REALLY put these in any order. But here we go.

1. "This Perfect Life"
This project is just classic. It sounds wonderful, it's solid, and it just is good music. If you say this isn't good music, you don't know music. The production is amazing, and his rhymes are ill. If only this was actually released in stores. Damn Interscope.

2. The Pink Lavalamp
This is some good shit. People say it's his best. I don't know about his very best, but it's up there. Loser is by far one of his best songs, and then theres songs like Shinin' and Latte. No matter what controversy surrounds Shinin, it's dope. No denying it. And the intro is fucking OD

3. Well Isn't This Awkward
I love this project to death. It's just great. The intro is sooooo smooth. I wanna do an intro like that one day. And the last song is beautiful. Some dope as samples in this one. Re-Anna and Psycho Bitch>>>>

4. At Most I'm Just...
The Samples on this are some of the best, and I just like the overall weird feel of the tape. The Incubator and Sci-Fi channel are my personal favorites

5. Normalcy
This makes the list because it's the closest thing to normal music we'll ever get from Charles. I prefer his other stuff, but Normalcy is still such a solid project. Starts off hard, then gets kinda chill in the middle then exits on a high note.

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  1. switch # 1&2 and change #4 to crash landed and this is my list nice!