Saturday, January 16, 2010

Places To Go

"Welcome to the neighborhood, it's called the internet. I don't reside here but I often visit it"

Head over to CrissB's blog and check out the new shit. He posted my tape haha mad thanks and we gonna have a dope collab on his tape. Feb 2nd I believe is the date he's aiming for. And THE OTHER CHRIS once said me and Criss should do a collab tape. Will it happen? Idk but I think if we did then some niggas by the name of...never mind. ZippinIt. haha

Next, hit THE OTHER CHRIS's blog aka Where Is CH. Throw away off BAAB on there.

Why do I keep calling him THE OTHER CHRIS? lol I might just call him Gryph from now on. Star Wars...ZippinIt

So um...I did an interview. No video/audio though. Email. Still though, it's cool..IMO

Oh yeah, how perfect is perfect? We'll all see when we execute it. Don't be a stranger. We'll do that.

And now lets end with a dope ass video game trailer

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